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Heating and Cooling Services

Energy Savings Agreement - $129.98

North Carolina customers! Sign up now, or renew your existing agreement HERE!

South Carolina customers! Sign up now, or renew your existing agreement HERE!

We offer an Energy Savings Agreement to be performed twice a year. This maintenance will help keep your energy costs down and prolong the life of your system. We service ALL brands of equipment. As a contract customer you will also reap the benefits of being a preferred customer. NO Overtime Fees! If a problem should arise, any parts or services you would need are discounted 10% and of course, you will receive Priority Service. You can save even more money by signing up for a two-year agreement! Contact our office for details!

Installation of Energy Efficient Heating And Air Conditioning Systems - FREE IN HOME CONSULTATIONS

Not every dealer qualifies as a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. We have to qualify on a yearly basis by meeting Trane's standards for customer satisfaction and continuing education. When it's time to purchase a heating and air conditioning system for your home or business , look for the Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer- Sandpiper Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC.

We offer several lines of equipment with various features that will fit your house and budget. Please see our Products Page for the brands we offer.





Hepa Filtration Duct Cleaning

We use the patented HEPA-AIRE equipment which has been proven to be effective for capturing the health-threatening particulates commonly found inside air duct systems. This system has been designed to capture 99.97% of the removed particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.



Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that dryer vent fires are more common than Chimney Fires? Flammable Lint, and dirt and dust accumulate quite rapidly inside the dryer vent. ( The Lint Screen in your dryer DOES NOT catch all of it )

It is recommended that dryer vents and the dryer chassis be cleaned out every 6-9 months depending on the extent of the use of your dryer.

Symptoms of a clogged dryer vent include excessive moisture in the laundry room and clothes take a long time to dry or won't dry at all.Sometimes birds build flammable nests at the end of dryer vents which can also be a big problem. Cleaning the dryer vent will improve drying time.

Crawl Space Liners

When any home is constructed over an exposed dirt crawlspace, it's a recipe for disaster. The ground below most homes contains large amounts of moisture -- which enters the crawlspace as water vapor and, in some cases, may even become puddled water. When you combine that moisture with the dark conditions of a crawlspace, you have a noxious, destructive environment where mold thrives and spreads at an alarming rate across any organic material. Rot and decay set in and eventually lead to structural damage of floor joists and framing as well as other serious problems.

Watch for a warped or buckling condition in floors (known as "cupping"), excessive humidity levels in your living area, mildewed carpets, musty odors, peeling paint, rust, and damp sheetrock and concrete.

A whole host of pests including termites, cockroaches, spiders, and mice love these dark and musty places, too. And where there are rodents, snakes aren't far behind. Consider what you'll need to control these pests and the damage they can do to your home and family. Allow us to make those fears go away!!

Electrical Services

Our Electrical Division can handle the following scopes of work:


  • 480/277 volt 3-phase service installation
  • 120/308 volt 3-phase service installation
  • Trouble-shooting all aspects of commercial and industrial facilities
  • Installing CAT 6 Cable
  • New Construction and Renovations


  • New Construction and Renovations
  • Installation of new service or service change out
  • Install surge protectors/TVSS protection/CAT 5 cabling with RG6 TV lines
  • Design and install landscape lighting
  • Wiring for boat lifts