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Crawlspace Liners

When any home is constructed over an exposed dirt crawlspace, it's a recipe for disaster. The ground below most homes contains large amounts of moisture -- which enters the crawlspace as water vapor and, in some cases, may even become puddled water. When you combine that moisture with the dark conditions of a crawlspace, you have a noxious, destructive environment where mold thrives and spreads at an alarming rate across any organic material. Rot and decay set in and eventually lead to structural damage of floor joists and framing as well as other serious problems.

Watch for a warped or buckling condition in floors (known as "cupping"), excessive humidity levels in your living area, mildewed carpets, musty odors, peeling paint, rust, and damp sheetrock and concrete.

A whole host of pests including termites, cockroaches, spiders, and mice love these dark and musty places, too. And where there are rodents, snakes aren't far behind. Consider what you'll need to control these pests and the damage they can do to your home and family. Allow us to make those fears go away!!

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