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Daikin HVAC

Daikin DZ4SE Heat Pump

Key Features - DZ4SE Condenser

  • High-efficiency Copeland scroll compressor

  • Advanced Copeland CoreSense Technology

  • Copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil - 5mm diameter on 1.5-3.5T

  • High density foam compressor sound blanket

  • Time-delay technology to ensure quiet reliable defrost

  • Factory-installed bi-flow liquid line filter drier

  • Factory-installed suction line accumulator

  • Factory-installed compressor crank case heater

  • And much more!

Daikin AMST Air Handler

Key Features - AMST Air Handler

Internal factory-installed thermal
expansion valves for cooling and heat pump
• 7mm evaporator coil tube size on 11⁄2 - 31⁄2 Ton models and 3⁄8" evaporator coil tube size on 4 to 5 Ton models
• Direct-Drive, 9-speed ECM blower motor
• All-aluminum evaporator coil with high performance coated fin stock
• Coil mounting track for quick
• Optimized for use with R-410A refrigerant
• Cabinet air leakage less than 2.0%
at 1.0 inch H2O when tested in
accordance with ASHRAE standard 193
• Cabinet air leakage less than 1.4%

  • And much more!

Daikin Heat Pump
Daikin Air Handler

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