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Get to know your thermostat

Sandpiper Heating - Air - Electrical, LLC offers a variety of thermostats ranging from a basic programmable thermostat to WiFi thermostats which you can control with your mobile device even when your not at your property.

The brand of thermostat most commonly used by Sandpiper Heating & Air is Honeywell. 


Understanding how yours functions is important to the comfort of your home. Become familiar with the thermostat controls.

Here are a few tips for basic operations:





These are just a few operations that are found in the Honeywell T6 Pro. If you wish to download the Honeywell T6 Pro instruction manual please click the button below or visit the Honeywell website at

Keep visiting our website where we will soon be adding instructional videos as well to ensure your property stays as comfortable as possible.

And as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish for us to professionally install your new Honeywell T6 Programmable or WiFi thermostat.

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