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Daikin IAQ

Easily installed in new or existing heating and cooling systems, Clean Comfort® whole-home solutions work invisibly, silently and automatically to treat the air in your entire home.


Dust Free U.V. Assembly

Redesigned from the ground up, the new generation Lightstick Plus offer the highest UV-C output compared to all other 24V UV fixtures. Better at optimizing indoor air quality by fighting mold and bacteria growth on HVAC coils than ever before.


RGF Clear Sky Self-Cleaning Ion Generator

  • Easy Installation No tools required, Hook and loop mounting for MS model and magnetic mounting for DM model

  • MAINTENANCE FREE – Continuous sonic self-cleaning ion emitters

  • Very low energy consumption (only 1 watt)

  • Low-cost treatment option

  • Reduces Bacteria, Mold spores, and Viruses

  • Reduces Odors and Particulates

  • Whole House Quad-Polar Ionization Unit

  • Patent-pending dual cleaning technology combining ultrasonic energy with induced oscillation targeting

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of treated spaces

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