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The third gen Nest Learning Thermostat is more beautiful than ever, with a thinner, sleeker design and bigger, crisper display. And it's proven to help save energy. In independent studies, the Nest Thermostat saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Nest has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in homes worldwide.

Meet the Nest Learning


  • Auto-Schedule - No more confusing programming. It learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.

  • Remote control - Connect the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi to change the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Nest Leaf - You'll see the Leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy. It guides you in the right direction.

  • Early-on - Nest learns how your home warms up and keeps an eye on the weather to get you the temperature you want when you want it.

  • Auto-away - The Nest Thermostat automatically turns itself down when you're away to avoid heating or cooling an empty home.

  • Energy History - See when heating and cooling were on and what affected your energy use.

  • Safety Alerts - Get an alert on your phone or tablet if your home gets dangerously hot or cold.

  • Farsight - When Nest Thermostat spots you across the room, it lights up beautifully to show you the temperature you've set or the time.

There's never been a smoke and CO alarm quite like this. Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires and carbon monoxide. It also speaks up when there's a problem, can be hushed from your phone, and it will even message your phone in case you're not home.

Meet the Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm


  • Get alerts on your phone. Nest Protect sends you a message when there's a problem or the batteries run low.

  • Tells you what and where. Nest Protect speaks up if there's smoke or CO and tells you where it is, so you know what to do.

  • Sees the CO you can't. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, poisonous gas. Nest Protect tells you where it's hiding.

  • A light in the dark. Usually Nest Protect has its light turned off, but when you walk underneath it, Pathlight can light you way.

  • Every second counts. The Split-Spectrum Sensor looks for both fast and slow burning fires.

  • Hush from the Nest app. Just burned the popcorn? Quite the false alarm with your phone, not your dish towel.

  • 10-year life span. Nest Protect's long-lasting sensors keep you safe and sound for up to a decade.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service Available

  • Financing offers to fit every customer’s need

  • Family owned and operated

  • Expert Certified and Experienced Technicians

Why Choose Sandpiper


Call 910-579-1497 to start saving with a Nest Learning Thermostat.

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